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Reachout Wireless Free Government Cell Phone Plan

Reachout Wireless

Reachout Wireless Government Cell Phone Plan

The Reachout Wireless cellular phone government assistance program is reserved for less fortunate people who need basic support for their daily needs. Landlines and now mobile phones are now a basic need and necessity. Reachout Wireless is where people get to communicate not just for personal use but for emergency calls, employment and even for business. Those participating states in the Reachout Wireless plan really make these people’s lives easier.

Reachout Wireless is one of the government’s trusted affiliates supporting the free government cell phone program. As part of the Universal Service Fund’s (USF) mission assuring affordable phone service to many unfortunate American citizens, Reachout Wireless is working to make the mission possible under the supervision of Lifeline/Link-up and Universal Service Administrative Company(USAC). These government entities exist to make government assistance programs like phone service, landline and cell phone, available to those individuals who can’t afford a phone and need a cheap or free phone service.

The free or affordable cell phone benefits are funded through Universal Service Fund (USF). The budget is not taxable to all taxpayers. USF gathers the funds through contributions from telecommunication provider’s Universal Service Charge as applied to all telecommunication services. With these collected funs, Reachout and other free government cell phone providers provide basic no cost cell phone service to need folks.

Through Nexus Communications, Inc, Americans have Reachout Wireless to assist them with their cell phone service needs. For two years now, Reachout Wireless is ranked as the third largest free government cell phone program carrier. Reachout Wireless is providing support in over 14 states and is attempting to enter even more states to provide free government cell phone service.

Reachout Wireless Free Government Cell Phone
Reachout Wireless, like any other free government cell phone carrier, has their own policies to apply to qualify subscribers. For all people in the states currently serviced by Reachout Wireless, they get particpate in the free government cell phone program by meeting one of the two requirements.

They either must be a participant of any existing state assistance program or their total household income is at or below the 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. These are the only two ways to qualify for the Reachout Wireless cell phone program.

Participants of the Reachout Wireless can either get new or refurbished phones, depending on what is available. Qualified participants who seek advanced cell phone features and service, can get them for an reasonable additional cost.

To apply for Reachout Wireless free government cell phone, you can visit their website and submit your application. Online application for the service is a simple process. You just need to provide information about yourself to see if you qualify for the Reachout Wireless free government cell phone program. You will know your application results by email or regular mail.  That’s how easy it is to qualify and receive the Reachout Wireless cellphone service.

Once qualified, you’ll get your cell phone in no time. You’ll get your own Reachout Wireless service account to make changes to your cell phone plans. You can access it on their site and you can also check out news or updates about their service online. Good service is never denied for those who really need it and Reachout Wireless commits to that goal.

Reachout Wireless Lifeline Phone Plans

These are the services that qualified participants will enjoy when signing up for free government cell phone program with Reachout Wireless:

  • 250 minutes of airtime every month
  • if you want to upgrade your minutes they have small monthly fee
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • International Long Distance
  • Select Text Messaging
  • Voice Mail
  • Reachout Wireless Non-Lifeline Phone Service (Prepaid)

Reachout Wireless also offers non-Lifeline service that participating states can take advantage. Here are the program features:

  • Airtime Cards Available at Many Convenient Stores
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Handset Starting at $9.95
  • No Contract
  • Free Shipping
  • No Credit Check
  • One Time Activation Fee of $72

Reachout Wireless Contact Information
Nexus Communications, Inc.
P.O. Box 247168
Columbus, OH 43224
Enrollment Support: 1-877-870-9444
Technical Support: 1-888-820-6587
Customer Service: 1-877-870-9222
Fax: 1-877-870-9333



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