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Massachusetts Cell Phone Program

Massachusetts cell phone

Massachusetts Cell Phone Program

Low income residents of Massachusetts can now get a free Massachusetts Cell Phone and phone service. This government assistance program is under the care of the Lifeline and Universal Service Administrative Company(USAC). Lifeline and USAC have served many states in providing those citizens who are in need and can’t afford wireless phone service.

In our government’s fight against poverty, they try to provide assistance that will benefit the people who truly needs it. Massachusetts is one of the states that has a free cell phone assistance program where you can get a free Massachussetts cell phone and service. The local government of Massachusetts assures that the free Massachusetts cell phone program reaches the 10.8% of the population in poverty. The intent of the free government cell phone program is to lead individuals who qualify for the service out of poverty with a helping hand.

Massachusetts free government cell phone participants can submit their application to Safelink Wireless. You don’t need to worry about your carrier because Safelink Wireless is already tested and proven in providing good service with free cell phones and service.

Safelink Wireless Massachusetts Cell Phone Plan
Safelink Wireless provide Massachusetts residents with great packages on Free Massachusetts cell phone service. Here’s what qualified residents will get:

  • 68, 125 or 250 Cell Phone Service Plan Minutes.
  • International Long Distance Accessibility, (68 minute plan only.)
  • Carry-over of unused minutes depending upon the recipient’s plan choice. (Not eligible for
    250 minutes plan.)
  • One Year Activation of Massachusetts cell phone service.
  • Ability to use TracFone Airtime cards with easy accessibility from stores and
    pharmacies and buy more minutes.
  • Power features like Call Waiting, Caller Id and Voicemail service.
  • Air time is automatically refilled each month
  • Free 911
  • Free Roaming
  • Change plans at any time.

Safe Link Wireless Massachusetts Cell Phone Contact Information
9700 N.W. 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
Plan Support Contact: 1-800-977-3768
Technical Support Contact: 1-800-378-1684

Am I Eligible for
Massachusetts Cell Phone?

An approval for free Massachusetts cell phone will require you to meet one of two qualifications. If your total household income is at or below the 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or you’re a beneficiary of any government assistance program, then you are eligible to get the free Massachusetts cell phone. Check these government assistance programs as your reference:

  • Emergency Aid to the Elderly, Disabled and Children
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • Food Stamps
  • MassHealth
  • Transitional Aid To Families with Dependent Children
  • ·Fuel Assistance

How to Get Free Massachusetts Cell Phone and Service?

To receive free cell phone service from Safelink as a qualified Massachusetts resident, you must submit your application with a valid physical address. The whole process is very easy and for your reference in signing up for free Massachusetts cell phone click on these links:


Free Government Cell Phone Requirements

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