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Free Government Cell Phones — Requirements.

Free Government Cell Phones
The free government cell phones program is there to provide free mobile phones and free mobile phone cell service for those low income people who currently meet federal poverty guidelines and cannot afford a phone. This assistance program began with free landline phone service for voice. This assistance program now offers free landline phone service plus free government cell phones and cell phone service.

Discounted or free government cell phones are not available to everyone. The program states that it only gives a phone for the poor and not illegals. However, the program really works for illegals too.

Free government cell phone requirements will vary state by state. More popular states with more low income people have lower requirements than less popular states without many low income people. There is more low income aid and government assistance in more popular states. You can check out the state where you live by going to the local federal government office or check it out and click online.

If I can’t afford a phone, how do I qualify? You can qualify for a cell phone from the government if your family household makes less than 135% of the federal poverty guidelines. (The federal poverty guidelines can change.) Please note that these federal poverty guidelines may change from time to time:

Free Government Cell Phones Poverty Guidelines

People In Household
Lower 48/DC

Hawaii Alaska

































*Source is

This table is from the Department of Health and Human Services. Additionally, it provides a $5,157 allowance for each additional person in excess of eight for the bottom 48 states and DC, $6,453 for each additional person in Alaska and $5,927 for each additional person in Hawaii.

You can qualify if you also qualify and participate in a federal assistance program now. These federal assistance programs include: Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Social Security Income–(SSI), Federal Public Housing Assistance–(Section 8), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program–(LIHEAP), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families–(TANF) and The National School Lunch Programs Free Lunch Program. So, if you already are participating in any one or more of these programs, it will be easy for you to qualify for one of the discounted or free government mobile phone programs and benefits. It is easy to receive free government cell phones.

There are also programs reserved for native Americans. You can qualify for free government cell phones and free government cell phone service through the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF), and the Head Start program. Again, you will need to qualify for certain income policy terms.

You may need to meet other program requirements to qualify. To qualify, you may have to make a phone service account deposit if you had past bad credit. You can waive this account requirement if you only use your free government phone for local calls. You can still use pre-paid telephone long distance cards in the program.

Now with free government cell phones assistance, long distance calls and local calls are billed equally. You may not need to have an account to qualify for a free government cell phone or free government phone program. Check out the program to learn more.

You also must have a valid United States physical mailing address to meet program requirements. (No P.O.s) For the Reachout government cell phone program, only one Lifeline account is allowed per household.

Government programs Lifeline and Link-up support wireless phone companies to provide phone support for more than 7 million low income company participants receiving cell phones. About 1,700 telephone companies, like Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Verizon, provide complimentary low income government phone and cell phone service. In 2009, the Lifeline Programs in Alaska, California, Oklahoma, Montana and Virginia enjoyed above 50% participation rates for those who are eligible and received free mobile phones.

You can make application for free government cell phone providers by contacting local federal office and offices under the program. Also, click online to the Universal Services Fund website.

You will find more information on how you can qualify for the grant and how to apply and make application. Residents of each state have their own link for application. Also, each state has its own qualifications.

On the web page you’ll find links for on how to contact a local office in your state. You may also call or click online to learn more from your local phone company. In some states, those low income people who are qualified must apply through a designated state agency or administrator for Lifeline and Link-up programs. Some states require you to make an on-line application.

Free government cell phones grant low income and poverty people with voice communication . Those low income people only must meet slight requirements to qualify for free government cell phones and cell phone service.

Get your qualification started clicking on your state’s Free Government Phones program website or contact free cell phone providers. Find out more online. Signing up for a no rate phone can help you. An applicant must apply differently in each state but some common program application steps and qualifications are:

  • Visit Lifeline website. Also, the Lifeline and Link-up programs support the free government cell phone and free government cell phone service programs.
  • Make sure to check out the program as most offer a total of 250 minutes per month. Free government phone programs differ in each state
  • You must verify your application with a physical address.
  • Make sure that you clicked on your state’s link for application.

Get Your Free Government Cell Phones Now!

Make sure to read the federal guidelines, have info for your prior program qualification, physical address and W2 to continue application for your new free government cell phones and service.

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