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Free Government Cell Phones Help You Save

Everyone must work for money to buy the things they need. They use this money for every day expenses and things necessary to live. One government assistance program that helps with everyday expenses for low income people is the free government cell phone program. These free government cell phones are the cheapest way to get your own cell phone and cell phones service. The assistance program provides service options for phone features and really helps low-income residents.

Today, it is vital that everyone has a cell phone and cell phone service. Everyone has a cell phone or should have a cell phone and service including low-income residents. A free government cell phone can help such residents get jobs. and stay in touch. This government program helps low earning individuals to have a cell phone for such purpose. Such individuals can receive free phones and service and lower rates for cell phones services.

free government cell phones

Even though cell phones prices vary from cell phone provider to cell phone provider, they are still too high for low-income residents. Subscription cell phones costs may also cost a lot. The reason why the people need free government cell phones is that the regular cost of cell phone service is just too high at $50 to $60 per month.

Add text messaging service and other features and the cell phone bill is too high. As such, this free cell phone assistance program helps low-income residents with cell phones when they can’t afford a phone. This is why the deal with Free Government Cell Phones is very helpful to all minimum wage earning Americans as well as senior citizens.This mainly calls the attention for the price that we need to pay to get connected for phone service.

This popular government cell phone program has given much assistance to low-income Americans as well as cell phones for seniors. As offered through out the different states, free government cell phone programs arranged discounted cell phone service with cell phone providers who give free minutes each month.

Even as the cell phone industry thrived, not everyone could enjoy the service. Some just can’t afford it. The assistance program now had come to provide free government cell phone permitting the low income people get a service that they can afford.

Check your state assistance office or make an online application to either of the three websites, Safelink wireless, Reachout mobile and Assurance wireless. You may be eligible for the program and get a cell phone and service for your budget. Make an application and once you’re qualified, you can get your phone and spend your money on everyday things and more.

The Lifeline and Link up service is an assistance program for consumers to receive discounts on phone service through the Federal Universal Service program. These two providers give free or discounted phones and service to those who qualify. Monthly charges can be discounted for the main home phone, and eligible participants can even get a low cost of setting up and activation for their phone service. These program apply to both landlines and cellphone service.

Once you qualify, Link-up will start-up your phone service. Link-up lends money up to $200 for activation fees with no interest for a year. They also pay activation fees which can cost 30$ per carrier. An offer like this is a big help for people who cant afford to set up their phone service. Lifeline in the other hand takes care of the phone bills or your payments through out your usage. The assistance that Lifeline assures every month, depending on your state, is a savings of up to $10 per month on your phone company provider bills.

People can qualify for discounts for phone service or free phones depending upon the state where they live. The list of requirements to see if you’re eligible varies from states to states also. It is guaranteed that the program is available through out the country for everyone to use if they qualify.

Receiving a free cell phone plan really helps low-income residents. What are some of the qualifications for this cell phone plan for such low-income residents? They must have a household income lower or within 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If these residents participate in assistance programs like Medicaid, Food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing
Assistance, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families or The National School Lunch Programs Free Lunch Program then, they may qualify.

The whole process encourages applicants to contact their local government agencies who provides the free or discounted wireless phone service. They can also check out the different websites as the Safelink and Link-up websites are well posted with information about the requirements for people who need phones but can’t afford a phone. So, check out the program requirements to see if you qualify for free cell phone service and free government cell phones.

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