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Ok, here we go again with the ongoing debate about the good of government assistance and more particularly free government cell phones versus the idea that the Democrat party is harming our country through debt and vote buying to secure their selfish government positions.  I will let you choose but offer the following discussion.

Since around 1965, when then president Lyndon B. Johnson and the Democrat party established the welfare system, the free ‘goodies’ to the people just keep on coming.  Some think it is incredible to establish a welfare system for people who do not need it.  But, does our welfare system serve only the people who need it or does it do something more.

Today, if you want general relief from the government–you got it.  If you want an EBT card for food–you got it.  They now have expanded it so that you no longer have to cook the food but can order it at a restaurant like Subway or McDonalds.  If you want a free home to live in–it is yours.  If you want free energy for your free home–it is your as well.  If you have kids, then the money keeps rolling in.  If you need a babysitter, good old Uncle Sam comes to the rescue.  Just trade off with another parent and you get more money.  And, now get your free cell phones

Some will argue that it is the Democrats’ and liberals’ great decision to buy the vote.  It has worked well for them–over 50% of the people on government assistance and most people voting Democrat.  Let’s also add the 20 million more undocumented Democrats who will soon be citizens and not illegal aliens.

But, what is the human toll of giving things away for nothing?  Does it amount to  a killing of the human spirit and desire to improve?  Does it amount to tricking those recipients into voluntary slavery.  Have the liberals and Democrats hoodwinked the many low information voters turning them into slaves?I will let you decide.  In either case, the results are that more people vote Democrat because these people continue to get more free stuff.

When will it end?  Perhaps, the government should buy them all Bentleys when going to Subway?  And, what affect does a huge USA deficit have upon the people?  Someone like our great grandchildren will have to pay.  Is it a responsible idea to do so?  I leave it for you to decide.

What about the truly poor?  They definitely need help.  The other side of the argument for expansion of giveaways such as free government cell phones is that it helps produce a more productive society.  People can now call for employment who may not have been able to prior.  Or, maybe a free government cell phone saves the life of one shut in.  Or, it makes a concerned parent more relieved when they know their child made it home.  There are many benefits to the poor provided by free government cell phones.

Another argument is that taking from the rich and giving to the poor is good.  This is probably true.  It helps to even out wealth throughout the country for common good.   And, oor people have real needs that a good and just society needs to meet.  You cannot let people starve in the street.

But, where does is the endpoint?  When is it that the societal needy strangle the entire country through debt?    Or, will such occurrence never happen? But, remember the poor will always need help.

In either case, liberals and the Democrat party have done a spectacular job of securing the position through buying the votes of their constituents through giveaways.  It is a shame that they do not put more personal money into it because they only support themselves and probably do not care about the poor.  You have to admit they have done a spectacular job for themselves.


I leave it to you to decide if the free government cell phone program is a good and just program.

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