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Free Government Cell Phones Program–Miscellaneous Points

What is the free government cell phones program? For those low income people who qualify, they receive free service or pay a small fee for the cell phone service. Everyone who pays a cell phone bill also pays the small fee on their bill called the Universal Service Fund. This money collected through your cell phone bill is money given to Lifeline to provide free government cell phones for those who are qualified. Congress approved this charge with the Telecommunication Act of 1996.

It may be hard to believe but low income people can now get a free cell phone as well as make free calls through their cell phones. They can do this with the free government cell phones program. Through the cooperation of government assistance programs and telecommunication carriers, people who meet the federal poverty guidelines can now receive free phones and this free cell phone service.

free government cell phones

This service has become available to the general public through the cooperation of various telecommunications companies and by the government. People might be surprised when they hear about this government program but actually, this program is not new. It was already started in 1984. However, it doesn’t matter if it’s a new or old program, getting qualifed for the program is what you want.

When the government began giving phones and the service to people who qualified, the government had help from telecommunication carriers. Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless and Reachout Wireless helps to take care of the programs through the Federal Communications Commission. Just meet the eligibility requirements and you qualify. The Lifeline service will make sure that you receive either free or discounted cell phone service. This include no activation fees, no bills, free minutes and free phones.

This government assistance program offers both free cell phones and cell phone services. However, the amount of free minutes of cell phone calls varies from state to state. In Washington DC, there are only 55 minutes for every month. The state of Louisiana offers 250 minutes per month.

You can get different phone features depending upon the phone that you choose in the government program. Phone service providers have features like caller ID, texting, call waiting and voicemail. But the extra features will cost more. Normally, these charges cost about $5 to $20. The service is free but phone features are limited to:

  • International long distance for the same rate as nationwide plans.
  • Carry over minutes.
  • International calling and texting plans

The phone service does not require contracts. Once you meet eligibility requirements of the program, you receive service for a year after which you must re-qualify. To re-qualify for the assistance program, simply visit a government agency, call or go online and visit a website for free government cell phones.

You must apply each year so the program can review your case annually to see if you meet the eligibility requirements and program policies. As long as you qualify, there is no time limit for receiving the cell phone or service. This information is available in the terms and conditions of the free phone program. Learn more to continue meeting policy guidelines.

If you want free government cell phones, make application. Apply online at a free cell phone website or in person or by phone. The most popular and simplest way of applying is online. If you apply online you will just be guided through a website and that’s it. You can find out instantly if you qualify for the assistance program.

There are other qualifications to meet the program. You must provide your social security number, give your mailing address, and an enrollment in a public assistance program. When giving your address you have to give a physical address and not a PO Box.

Receiving the service from the government for a free cell phone service is just a simple matter of proving your eligibility. You must qualify as a member of another government program or your income is under the federal poverty guidelines. You’ll be required to provide a copy of your year-end W2 form and you must certify that you are the head of the household. If you participate, you should not have any cell phone or telephone service through Lifeline.

Once receive the government cell phone service, you must use it every month with in your eligibility period. If you do not use the program for over a two month period then, you will not be eligible for the free government cell phone program. As part of the cell phone program’s policy, consumers must maintain usage to continue. If not, all service and features stop. However if you are taken off the program, you will have a 30 day period to re-enroll. Consumers must call the program’s customer service to continue receiving the phone service. If you did not re-enroll your phone service will be deactivated and each company like Reachout Wireless has different ways of activating the service again.

Free government cell phone program help many Americans. The provided service helps low income people save money on phones and phone service. If you think that you qualify for free government cell phones, check out one of the eligibility sites, locations or phone numbers.

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